Skating Toward A Greener Future... Sole Technology to be Carbon Neutral by 2020!

Skating Toward A Greener Future... Sole Technology to be Carbon Neutral by 2020!

At Sole Technology, our environmental commitment is a part of everything we do. It began with two simple words spoken by creator Pierre-André Senizergues... GIVE BACK, and has grown into a full blown environmental revolution. Starting from the ground up, Senizergues has infused his passion for the environment to ensure that our actions convey the same commitment towards environmental responsibility. Each small step leads us closer to our ultimate goal of being the first action sports company to go carbon neutral by 2020. Learn more about how we are making that happen.

The action sports industry has just ONE planet to enjoy. Knowing this, we've been involved in striving to protect the environment for the past 10 years. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint to zero and by supporting Sole Technology, you are helping us thrive so that we can continue to make a difference for our world. We thank you! - Pierre-André Senizergues, Sole Technology Founder/Skateboarder

Six Steps Toward Sustainability

  1. Environmentally-Driven Commitment

    Environmentally-Driven Commitment

    We are first in the industry to create an Environmental Affairs Department and conduct an audit and analysis to help guide the way we change our business operations. Our Environmental Affairs Department is dedicated solely to the management and development of Sole Technology’s green initiatives. Conducted in 2007, the first-ever Ecological Footprint Survey took a 360-degree look company-wide at business operations and supply chain, though the journey began more than 10 years ago.

  2. Energy

    We began reducing our energy usage through our solar panels and energy reduction initiatives

    In 2009, we began reducing our energy usage through our solar panels and energy reduction initiatives. We are sourcing cleaner energy in a large portion of our footwear manufacturing – reducing our carbon footprint by 14%! With the ever-changing manufacturing landscape, Sole Technology remains committed to continue finding reduction solutions.

  3. Water

    We care about water

    We’ve reduced our headquarters' water usage by 35% through improvements to our landscaping watering systems. In addition, by installing water saving toilets, we’ve saved the equivalent of more than 3 million bottles of beer annually.

  4. Recycling


    60% of all waste in the company is diverted and recycled (2x’s the national average). In addition, all of our cardboard packaging and hang tags are 100% recyclable and are made of recycled materials. The etnies’ Jameson 2 Eco is made using recycled plastic bottles as well as select outerwear jackets with ThirtyTwo.

  5. Cleaner Production

    Cleaner Production

    Sole Technology’s brands create quality and durable products that are long lasting. Nothing receives more abuse than a skateboarder’s shoes and Sole Technology constructs skateboard footwear to withstand the repetitive and extreme use they are exposed to. Sole Technology continuously examines the materials that go into every product, working diligently with its manufacturers to ensure green materials and practices are implemented whenever possible.

  6. Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree

    Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree

    To celebrate etnies 25 year anniversary, we’re looking toward the future and what the NEXT 25 holds. We’re introducing a new commitment: Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree. For every pair of Jameson 2 Eco shoes sold, etnies will plant a tree in Costa Rica’s rainforest to help impact climate change and reduce carbon in our atmosphere. Much of the earth’s rainforests have been destroyed over the last 80 years, and etnies is going to help reverse deforestation one pair of shoes at a time.